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Anne Perron Arsenault, June 4th 2016

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      Hello Mr Clermont,

      Just a few words to let you know it was the first time I attended the annual Centre d'interprétation du Lac Boivin butterfly release. I found it very original and most enjoyable.

      I've added this activity to my calendar for next year.

      By the way, I love the Center for its rustic charm, its closeness to nature and the diversity of its trails. I go there several times a year. And what about the City of Granby and all its colours, thanks to its dozens of flower displays!

      Congratulations to you and your team, and thanks to the mayor for his support.

      Monique Desjardins - Otterburn Park, QC

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          Hello Ariane,

          This is Nancy Chénier (now Nancy Piché). My wedding took place on August 8th, 2008, in Timmins.

          The butterfly release was a dream come true. Wow, what a wonderful experience! Anyone who knows me knows I'm the greatest butterfly lover, and that monarchs are my favorite!

          Our evening went so well... There was rain during the day, but the sun appeared amongst the clouds during the ceremony, and the temperature was perfect!

          As my 10 yr old daughter said: ''Our dear Amelie (who became an angel at 11) brought us nice weather. I believe she was with us!''

          I always wanted butterflies around me. But having them around me, my partner, my family and my friends during the day we celebrate our love... it was a dream come true!

          Huge thanks for your service.

          We've also decided that we would release Gaia Nature butterflies each year, on Aug. 8th, to celebrate our anniversary, our love and the beauty of our nature!

          Nancy and Ricky, August 8th 2008

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              Good morning,

              I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided us and the quality of the products we purchased from you.

              Almost 50 people attended our wedding ceremony on August 8th 2008, and each one went home glad and delighted.

              No one knew about your company, and I believe these people will start spreading good words about your company.

              Our monarchs were perfect, spectacularly beautiful and so charming and magical.

              I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

              Linda Latouche and Jocelyn Provost