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Envolée de papillons


Hello Mr Clermont,

It took a while, but we'd like to thank you for the excellent service your business provided us. We only have good things to say about you. First, I must admit we were a bit worried to pay upfront for a product we'd only be receiving the day before our wedding. Today, in hindsight, we can only praise the excellent service and the precision of the details you provided us after our order.

As anticipated, the package arrived the day before the wedding, very early in the morning (9:10 am to be precise). We have nothing to say. Everything was perfect! And let's not forget the effect the release had on people! All the elements were there for a perfect release: a nice, warm & sunny day, very happy people. I still remember the excitement of all the people present, the chance of seeing and releasing a new ''life cycle'' into the nature.

Please find 2 pictures attached, taken during the release. If ever clients express their worries, you can reference our names. It will be a pleasure for us to reassure them.

Thanks again, and long live your business.

See you next time. There will surely be other occasions for us to do business with you.

Murielle and Lawrence - October 2007

      Envolée de papillons



      It was a wonderful and magical day, even if we were only a few very close people gathered together. A symbolic event following the death of my 35 year old son, who committed suicide, leaving behind two children aged 4 & 6.

      It was amazing to witness their astonishment, joy and delight. The 6 yr old spent incredible minutes with a butterfly on his hands, while a butterfly gently landed on the youngest kid's mouth (see pictures).

      Also, the 85 years old grandmother, sitting on her chair, who says WOW while watching her butterfly fly away...

      This event conveyed something cultural (because of the research each did on monarch butterflies), spiritual and symbolic (because of the bubble of joy we found ourselves in, despite our grieving for a tragical event).

      I'd like to thank you for working to allow this moment of joy.

      Fabienne C. Berthelot, Maria, QC - September 2007

          Envolée de papillons


          Thank you for the wonderful memories!

          The butterflies added a magical touch to our ceremony!

          Karie Ann and Jean Pierre Coté - August 4th 2007

              Envolée de papillons


              Hello Dave,

              The release of monarch butterflies that took place on the 7th of September at the Cammac Musical Centre was a great success. I hosted the event and was perfectly confortable doing so. The weather was magnificent. We released the butterflies around the sculptures on the lake shore and it was magical. People still talk about it, and several took pictures and kept their beautiful box so they can have your contact info for the future.

              Here are the best pictures taken.

              Thank you for your collaboration.
              See you next time, for a wedding perhaps!

              Claire Gaudet - Communications and marketing director