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Envolée de papillons



Just a few words to express our thanks for the butterflies and the original idea. Our wedding was a huge success. Moreover, with the butterflies, the guests loved the experience. I recommend it to everyone.

My butterfly stayed almost 5 minutes on my finger before flying away.

It was magical to see all these little insects on our hands.

Thanks again.

Tina and Eric Blaquière - September 2006

      Envolée de papillons

      Funeral service


      Last Saturday, for my mom's funeral service, we had a butterfly release during the burial. It was very beautiful! Everything went smoothly. After reading the legend, we asked family members and relatives gathered for the event to think of a wish they'd like to send my mom and to release their butterfly. It was very beautiful! The people attending were very touched and moved. My mom died from Parkinson's disease and, like a butterfly, she was trapped inside a cocoon. We've also used the butterfly theme for the ceremony.

      ''What the caterpillar calls death, the butterfly calls rebirth''.

      Thank you very much for making this event a moment of hope.

      Alain Cécyre - August 2006

          Envolée de papillons


          Hello Mr Clermont,

          Just a short note to thank you for the box filled with beautiful butterflies for the wedding of my daughter Genevieve, which took place last Saturday.

          In spite of the rain, we opened our small boxes, and everything was spectacular. I'll send you a photo within a few weeks. It was a very nice surprise, one that was very much appreciated

          Many thanks.

          Denyse - July 2006

              Envolée de papillons


              Good evening Mr Clermont,

              A few words to thank you for the great service and the wonderful day we had thanks to the butterfly release. It was amazing!

              Here are a few pictures which may please the eye of other people who see your advertising and wish to live this unique experience.

              Again, many thanks for all the thoughts and care taken (parchment, nice keepsake boxes, wrapping, etc) to ensure this day was a spectacular and memorable one.

              Catherine Doyon - September 2005