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Envolée de papillons


Hello Mr Clermont,

Here's a few photos from the butterfly release organized for my daughter's wedding, on August 6th.

It was a very special moment, because almost everyone who attended, including my family and I, had never seen a butterfly release. I can say its a very moving experience, as well as a nice way of wishing a lot of happiness to newly weds. Thank you very much for the extra butterflies, it was a very generous gesture.

Line Michel Roy - September 2005

      Envolée de papillons



      I wished to thank you for the wonderful experience we had on June 17th in Mt. Tremblant thanks to Gaia Nature. Wow! It was certainly an unforgettable event! Overall, the participants to the 2005 Congress really appreciated this unique moment. Since the theme of the Congress was ''From chrysalis to butterfly: a service deploying its wings'', the symbolism of this closing event, with the release of painted lady butterflies, was rich and took all its sense. Wow!


      I wish I'll have the chance to deal with Gaia Nature in the future for other events. Also, I would like to thank you for your friendly welcome and for the enthusiasm that you have so nicely showed us. THANK YOU!

      Valérie Therrien, Spiritual Life Animator - June 2005

          Envolée de papillons


          Hi Dave,

          A few words to let you know how we loved our butterfly release and how lovely people thought it was!!! Despite the cool weather, it was wonderful, because we had the chance to admire our butterflies a little longer before they fly away. People were very surprised to learn abour this kind of event. Thanks, it was extraordinary!

          Again, a thousand thank you's for all the care taken (parchment, nice keepsake boxes, wrapping, etc) to ensure this day was a great and memorable one.

          Julie Naud and Claude Christie - June 2005

            Envolée de papillons



            I'm sending you a picture of the butterfly release we had on September 4th for my wedding. I wanted to say how unforgettable the whole experience was and to express a huge thank you. Since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted a butterfly release for my wedding. You've made this dream come true. Even my photographer, who's got 30 years experience, never had the chance to see this.

            Thanks again

            Carole Guérard - septembre 2004