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    Gaia Nature's unique and reknown expertise

    Our know-how is vast and covers butterfly releases and rearing, tourist butterfly house and insect fairs conception, as well as the naturalization of insects of all kinds. With our experience, professionalism and outstanding service, we are a reference in our field.

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    Our most recent project

    Guyon Farm's butterly house : a magical place!

    Guyon Farm's butterfly house is a large and amazing place where you can admire more than 500 butterflies from here and abroad.

    The wonderful butterfly house allows you to witness the complete lifecycle of a butterfly : from egg to caterpillar, from caterpillar to chrysalis, and from chrysalis to the emergence of the winged insect.

    Due to its educational purposes, Guyon Farm's butterfly house is thoroughly enjoyed by young and old alike.

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    Our exported know-how

    Across the world

    As a proud member of the IABE (International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors), our attendance at the famous ICBES (International conference of butterfly breeders and suppliers) gave us the opportunity to share with some of the largest butterfly raising farms in the world.

    In 2003, we contributed as a technical assistant to the creation of an efficient breeding program for El Bosque Nuevo, a Costa Rican farm.

    Butterfly releases: events that don't go unnoticed!