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Envolée de papillons

Funeral service


A simple thank you for adding a touch of pure beauty to the placing of my mother's casket in the ground.

The butterflies stayed with us for a long while, until we placed them in the bush. Let us hope they find their way to freedom so they can grant our wishes.

Lise Marcotte, October 1st 2016

      Envolée de papillons


      Each fall, the Centre d’interprétation de la nature du lac Boivin in Granby organizes the Monarch festival, which gathers and amazes hundreds of children and adults.This educational event, which includes a vast butterfly release, was born in 2004 ''thanks to Gaia Nature butterfly farm, who provides the monarchs but also generously shares its passion and experience. This long-standing collaboration between Gaia Nature and the CINLB has allowed thousands of participants from all ages to live exciting moments that build unforgettable memories filled with emotions'', Laurence Cavitte, Education Manager, CINLB.

      Laurence Cavitte, Education Manager, CINLB

      Envolée de papillons


      For 3 years now, we have celebrated the World Suicide Prevention Day (Sept. 10th) with a butterfly release, an activity that is steadily growing in popularity. This event allows attendees to live a reassuring moment, full of hope and solidarity. To us, the butterfly release is a unique and very emotional event which promotes life!

      Link Program Committee, Kedgwick & St Quentin (NB) — September 10th 2016

          Envolée de papillons


          A huge thanks for the magical ceremony that we spent with our families.

          Will do it again - for other occasions.

          Diane Beaulieu and group, Aug. 27th 2016