We are butterfly breeders

    Clermont-Lemieux family

    Brief history of Gaia Nature

    A story born of passion

    Gaia Nature was born from a passion for insects that goes back to the early youth of its founder, Dave Clermont. Founded in 1998, our butterfly breeding farm is unique in Quebec.

    Every year, our wonderful butterflies are admired in hundreds of various events: weddings, parties, fundraising events, even in movies! Ariane joined the team in 2008. Passionate about customer service, she contributed to the expansion of our client base as well as to the development and refinement of our educational product line.

    Dave Clermont

    Our installations


    Constantly evolving due to the growth of out expertise and client base, we ceaselessly refine our installations and our breeding/culture techniques in order to ensure the company's expansion. Gaia Nature sits on a 100 acre farm and is comprised of production greenhouses, laboratories, nursery gardens and woodland. Due to the size of its operation area, Gaia Nature is the largest butterfly farm in Canada.